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This is a detailed step-by-step explanation of how you would typically submit contributions to the NoSQLBench project.



Setup Workspace

  1. configure your dev environment
  2. clone the nosqlbench repo
  3. clone your repo to your dev environment

Own an issue

  1. assign or ask for an issue
  2. create a feature branch

Make Change

  1. add testing
  2. add documentation
  3. verify everything works

Submit for Review

  1. organize commits for easy PR reviews
  2. make thematic incremental changes as you go
  3. push your branch up to your clone
  4. make a draft pull request
  5. promote PR to ready-for-review
  6. ask a contributor to review and merge your PR


  1. resolve conversations or issues
  2. repush and ask for review
    • You are done with this step once your PR is green, changes have been approved by reviewers, and there are no unresolved issues.


  1. merge the PR in GitHub


  1. delete the feature branch
  2. delete your local feature branch
  3. checkout main
  4. pull main

You're Done! Go again?