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NoSQLBench version 5 is packaged directly as a Linux binary named nb5 and as an executable Java 17 jar named nb5.jar . All releases are available at [NoSQLBench Releases]. The Linux binary is recommended, since it comes with its own JVM and eliminates the need to manage Java downloads.


The nb5 binary requires Linux and a system with a working FUSE library. Most modern distributions have this out of the box.

nb5.jar is not particular about what system you run it on, as long as you have java 17 or newer.1

Download Scripts

Get the latest nb5 binary

# download the latest nb5 binary and make it executable
curl -L -O https://github.com/nosqlbench/nosqlbench/releases/latest/download/nb5
chmod +x nb5
./nb5 --version

👉 If after downloading and executing nb, you get an error, please consult the AppImage troubleshooting page.

Get the latest nb5 jar

# download the latest nb5 jar
curl -L -O https://github.com/nosqlbench/nosqlbench/releases/latest/download/nb5.jar
java -jar nb5.jar --version

This documentation assumes you are using the Linux binary initiating NoSqlBench commands with ./nb. If you are using the jar, just replace ./nb with java -jar nb.jar when running commands. If you are using the jar version, Java 17 is recommended, and will be required soon.

Running nb5

To run a simple built-in workload run:

./nb5 examples/bindings-basics

This runs a built-in scenario located in the workload template named 'bindings-basics'. The file that the scenario is defined in is called the workload template. The scenario is named default, so you don't even have to specify it here. But you could, as

./nb5 examples/bindings-basics default

This will be explained further in Scenarios.


Here is a more detailed command which demonstrates how customizable nb5 is:

1./nb5 examples/bindings-basics default \
2 filename=exampledata.out \
3 format=csv \
4 cycles=10000 \
5 rate=100 \
6 --progress console:1s

Each line does something specific:

  1. Starts the scenario named default from the workload template examples/binding-basics.
  2. Sets the filename parameter (part of the stdout driver) to exampledata.out.
  3. Sets the output format (part of the stdout driver) to CSV.
  4. Sets the number of cycles to run to 10000, short for 0..10000, which represents 0 through 9999.
  5. Sets the cycle rate to 100 per second.
  6. Tells nb5 to report activity progress to the console every second.




The version scheme for NoSQLBench is [major]-[java-lts]-[minor], so nb5 version 5.17.1 requires java version 17, which is the latest LTS Java release.

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