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Now that you've run NoSQLBench for the first time and seen what it does, you can choose what level of customization you want for further testing.

The sections below describe key areas that users typically customize when working with NoSQLBench.

Everyone who uses NoSQLBench will want to get familiar with the Core Concepts section. This is essential reading for new and experienced testers alike.

High-Level Users

Several canonical workloads are already baked-in to NoSQLBench for immediate use. If you are simply wanting to drive workloads without building a custom workload, then you'll want to learn about the available workloads and their options.

Workload Builders

If you want to use NoSQLBench to build a tailored workload that closely emulates what a specific application would do, then you can build a self-contained and portable YAML file that specifies all the details. You can specify the access patterns, data distributions, and more. This is explained further in Workloads 101

Built-In Sources

You can use the --list-workloads option to see all the built-in workloads, and then use the --copy <name> option to copy them out of the runtime into your local directory. These sources provide a wealth of examples to consider as you build your own workloads or customize existing ones.

Scenario Developers

For advanced scenario designs, iterative testing models, or analysis methods, you can use ECMAScript to control the scenario from start to finish. This is an advanced feature that is not recommended for first-time users. If you need this feature and run into any issues, join us on the discord server and strike up a conversation!