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Template Params Defined

All NoSQLBench YAML formats support a parameter macro format that applies before YAML processing starts. It is a basic macro facility that allows named anchors to be placed in the document as a whole:

Template Param Formats

Template params can be provided with a name and a default value in one of these forms:




In this example, the name of the parameter is varname. It is given a default value of defaultval . If an activity parameter named varname is provided, as in varname=barbaz, then this whole expression will be replaced with barbaz. If none is provided then the default value will be used instead. For example:

Shared Namespace

You must ensure that your template params do not overlap with the names of other parameters if you want to avoid an error. NoSQLBench makes it possible for drivers to detect when unrecognized parameters are provided to a driver or op template. As such, when template parameters are accessed from configuration sources, they are also consumed. This is to ensure unambiguous usage of every parameter.

Template Param Examples

[ test ]$ cat > stdout-test.yaml
  - "<<linetoprint:MISSING>>\n"
  # EOF (control-D in your terminal)

  [ test ]$ ./nb5 run driver=stdout workload=stdout-test cycles=1

  [ test ]$ ./nb5 run driver=stdout workload=stdout-test cycles=1 linetoprint="THIS IS IT"

If an empty value is desired by default, then simply use an empty string in your template, like <<varname:>> or TEMPLATE(varname,).